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11.9 Work Beyond Six Semesters

The Academic Standing Committee may require, as a condition of good standing (as a condition of graduation), that a student complete more than six (6) semesters of law school.

If the additional work after the sixth semester consists of incompletes from the prior semester, then students are not required to pay tuition, but must complete the work by the end of the seventh semester.

If students are required to take a particular course(s) after the sixth semester, students must pay tuition according to a formula of dollars per credit-hour:

$655.00 per credit-hour (in-state)

$1,065.00 per credit-hour (out-of-state)

$50.00 part-time materials fee

$41.45 student activities fee

$21.45 part-time activities fee

$62.50   part-time technology fee

$15.00    consolidated service fee

Thus, students who repeat a previously failed course after the sixth semester must register for the course and pay tuition according to a formula of dollars per credit-hour. If a student registers for 12 credits or more, the standard fee schedule for full-time students will apply. All tuition and fee amounts are subject to change.

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