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9.1 Access to Student Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and regulations pursuant thereto grant the following rights to students and former students:

  1. To be advised of the types of student records and the information contained therein, which are maintained by the Law School;

  2. To be advised of the name and position of the official responsible for the maintenance of each type of record, the persons who have access to those records, and the purposes for which they have access;

  3. To be advised of the policies of the Law School for reviewing and expunging those records;

  4. To be advised of the procedures for granting access rights to student records;

  5. To be advised of the procedures for challenging the contents of student records;

  6. To be advised of the cost, if any, which will be charged for reproducing copies of student records; and

  7. To be advised of all other rights and requirements of the FERPA and the regulations promulgated thereunder.

A student who wishes to inspect and review his/her education records may make the request to the Office of Registration and Student Records Management in room 4-109.

The following categories of information may be made available to individuals with a legitimate interest in such information: student’s name, attendance dates, telephone listing, home address, present address, major and minor fields of study, and degrees and awards received. This shall not be construed to mean that such information is required to be released. Information is released in accordance with the relevant Federal and State laws and the City University of New York guidelines.

By sending written notice to the Office of Registration and Student Records Management, any presently enrolled or former student may request that any or all of the information stated above not be released without her/his prior written consent.

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