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5.8 Graduation Requirements

To earn the Juris Doctor degree from the CUNY School of Law a student must pass all required courses, earn 86 credits, be in good academic standing, and comply with the attendance, residency, and other requirements described below.

Non-academic work and attendance

The Law School program requires students to devote substantially all of their time to their studies during the school year.

a. In compliance with ABA Standard 311(a), the Law School requires regular and punctual class attendance. Interpretation and implementation of this policy rests, in the first instance, with the faculty member teaching each course. Absences may lead to failure in a course even where a student has satisfactorily completed other requirements. Absences of more than two consecutive class days due to illness or other extraordinary circumstances should be reported by the faculty to the Office of Academic Affairs. Even excused absences may lead to failure or mandatory withdrawal from a course.

b. A student should not engage in employment for more than 20 hours per week.

CUNY School of Law’s curriculum is designed for full-time students to graduate in six semesters (excluding summer school), and for part-time students to graduate in eight semesters plus one mandatory summer session. Students may elect or, if on academic probation, may be required to stay for an additional semester. The Law School will work closely with students taking an additional semester to ensure that the selected course of study is that which best supports successful completion of law school and preparation for the profession’s entrance exam. Students considering an additional semester should speak with their advisors and are required to have the permission of the Academic Dean. Additional semesters have financial aid implications, and students should speak with the Financial Aid Office as soon as they begin to consider an additional semester.

No more than a combined total of 10.5 credits towards graduation may be earned in the following courses: Teaching Assistant, Independent Study, Law Review Editing, Moot Court, and Public Interest/Public Service (counted as 1.5 credits towards this limit).

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