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5.6 Evaluation System for Performance in Lawyering Seminars and Clinics

Lawyering seminars teach practical lawyering skills using a variety of teaching mechanisms, such as simulations, individual and group work, and presentations. Teachers provide extensive feedback to enable students to determine their level of competency and learning needs in legal reasoning, legal writing, communication and counseling, professional responsibility, organization, and time management, as well as other lawyering skills.

Students in Clinics also receive written evaluations covering the six competency areas—Professional Responsibility, Clinical Judgment, Legal Reasoning, Theoretical Perspective, Communication, and Management of Effort. The evaluations are informal communications between teacher and student and do not appear on the official transcript. The evaluations enable the teacher to communicate to each student an assessment of that student’s demonstrated level of competence in the major components of a lawyer’s skills and tasks, as well as the student’s continuing learning needs in these skill areas.

Submission of Coursework

Students are required to submit coursework in a format that the professor can read without conversion. If you plan to submit your work in anything other than MS Office (v. 2002 or higher) or rich text format, please consult with your professor.

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