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1.9 Failed Courses

a. Pursuant to New York State law, the grade earned each time a course is taken will appear on the transcript, including the grade of F. If a failing grade is received in any course, the student will not receive any credit hours for that course. If the student is a first-year, first-semester student, the grade of “No Cr.” (no credit) will be recorded on the student’s official transcript. For all other students, an “F” will be entered on the student’s official transcript. The grade awarded each time the course is taken will count toward computation of the student’s GPA.

b. If a student fails a required course, he/she must repeat the class until he/she has passed. The student is expected to repeat the course when it is next offered. If the failed required course conflicts with another required course, the student must meet with the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs who will determine which required course is the most appropriate course for the student to take in a particular semester. A student must pass all required classes in order to graduate.

c. A student who is in good standing and has passed all required courses must earn 86 credits in order to be eligible for graduation.

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