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6.7 Guests

All visitors to the School are expected to comport themselves in a manner consistent with an academic environment. Guests must sign in at the front Public Safety Desk and show identification to the officer on duty. Upon exiting the School, guests must sign out. Guests must generally be in the same area as the host student and may not use School facilities such as copy machines or computers in furtherance of their own work without express permission of the Office of Student Affairs. Guests are subject to the lawful instructions of all members of Public Safety, as well as the Administrative staff. Guests may not remain in the building after 10:00PM on weekdays, or all day on weekends and holidays. If someone is waiting for you after this time to facilitate transportation or other issues of importance, they must remain on the first floor by the front Public Safety Desk. If a guest seems to be intoxicated, refuses to follow procedures of identification or sign in and sign out procedures, entry to the building will be denied.

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