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6.6 First Aid

The Public Safety Office is equipped to deal with certain minor medical emergencies. Staff are trained and certified in basic first aid, AED, and CPR. If you or a community member requires first aid, please go directly to Security (Room 1-102). If that is not possible, phone the CONSOLE ROOM 84440 or FRONT DESK 84270. Public Safety can be summoned by pressing the red button on any emergency call station. They are located throughout the building. Please do not use a fire alarm pull station to summon help for any matter which is not fire related. Please be advised that there are emergencies/medical conditions for which we are not equipped. In such cases, 911 emergency services will be summoned. If you have an existing medical condition that you think the School should know about, please inform either Public Safety or the Office of Student Affairs. This information will be held in confidence to the best of our ability. We are not permitted to dispense any oral over-the-counter medications. It is advised that you store analgesics, antacids, or antihistamines in your locker for personal use. The School employs a part-time nurse practitioner. The location is room 3-104.

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