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4.3 Exam Procedures

For all closed-book exams, students will be allowed to have only the exam booklet and their writing instruments on the desk. No student cell phones are allowed in exam rooms, unless there are extraordinary circumstances, and the phone is left with the proctor. Students may not keep books, bags, briefcases, or other personal belongings at or near their desks, and it is expected that they will leave these items either at home or in their lockers. Handbags containing personal valuables may be under one’s seat. No one may leave the room with an exam or exam booklet. Students also will be advised to sit in every other seat during exams. Upon completion of an exam, each student is required to sign out before exiting the room.

At the conclusion of an exam, students must stop writing or typing promptly when told by the proctor that time is up. Failure to promptly stop and/or promptly submit completed exams, may result in penalties, including grade reductions or exam disqualification.

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