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9.8 Transcripts

No information about the progress or standing of a student will be sent to any employer or other person or organization in the absence of written authorization by the student directing the Law School to transmit such information.

Official Transcript

The Law School maintains an official transcript. This record includes a list of all courses in which a student registered, the number of credits for each course, and the appropriate grade entry:

For all students enrolled in the Law School as of the fall of 1999, the grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, or F will appear on the transcript, except:

  1. Academic Legal Writing, ISD, Law Review Editing, and Moot Court will be graded CR/F;

  2. The grades of CR and No CR will appear on the transcript for first-year, first-semester courses; and

  3. The grades of CR or NCL (No Credit Law) will appear on the transcript for any course for which a student has timely elected the CR/No Credit option for courses to which it applies.

Other transcript notations include FIN (Incomplete converted to a Fail), INC (Incomplete), PEN (Grade Pending), W (Withdrawal), WN (Withdrew, never attended), and WU (Unofficial Withdrawal).

The Office of Registration and Student Records Management will mail a copy of a student’s official transcript to any employer or other person or organization upon written request from the student. To receive a copy of an official transcript, a student must make a request in writing to the Office of Registration and Student Records Management. Four (4) vouchers for four (4) free transcripts are issued to each student at the beginning of each semester and are valid until the first day of the following semester. The fee for a transcript is $7.00 per transcript. Transcript requests are generally processed within two (2) to three (3) business days after receipt. Transcripts cannot be released if a student’s record is on hold due to unfulfilled financial obligations.

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