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5.7 Grade Appeals and Grade Changes

a. Grounds for Grade Changes and Grade Appeals

Final grades may be changed in the following circumstances:

(i) by the Academic Dean, based on a finding of clerical error, including transposition of grades upon entry on the grade sheet, mathematical errors in the calculation of the grade, the exclusion of a portion of the exam in grading or other work that was timely submitted for the course; or

(ii) by the Academic Standing Committee, based on a finding that the grade resulted from factors extraneous to the grading basis announced by the faculty, including bias.

b. Procedures for Initiating a Request for a Grade Change or Grade Appeal

All grade appeals must be made in writing and filed with the Office of Academic Affairs within 30 business days of the start of the semester following the semester for which the grade was entered. For example, grade appeals for spring semester grades are due within 30 business days of the start of the following fall semester. Grade appeals made directly to a faculty member at any stage of theappeals process will not be considered. Grade appeals must be initiated in writing, using the student’s CUNYfirst ID number. The Academic Dean or the Committee will notify the student if the Committee finds it necessary for the student to appear before the Committee in connection with the grade appeal. Otherwise the Committee will base its decision on the written petition and any other facts before the Committee. The fact that an appeal is pending shall not stay any other determinations or actions by the Dean or Academic Standing Committee.

c. Process for the Determination of Grade Appeals

Grade appeals made after the time period set forth above will not be considered. Grade appeals should be addressed to the Academic Standing Committee and submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will review all petitions to determine whether the Academic Standing Committee has jurisdiction to hear the petition. Students should use their CUNYfirst ID numbers for identification on their grade appeals. Ordinarily, the Academic Standing Committee will review an appeal, based on paragraph (b), above, at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The Committee may decide, based on the student’s appeal at that meeting or may seek additional information from the student or the faculty member. If the Committee seeks further information from a faculty member, the faculty member will be notified that the information should be provided within 30 business days. If the faculty member fails to respond within 30 business days, the Academic Standing Committee will consider the appeal at its next scheduled meeting and determine how to proceed. The student will ordinarily be notified in writing of the Committee’s determination either granting or denying the appeal or adjourning consideration pending further information within one week following the meeting at which the petition was considered.

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