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6.9 Lockers

The School provides lockers (located throughout the building) with built-in combination or pad locks. If your lock or locker is in need of repair, please contact the Public Safety office. The following protocol pertains to the use of the lockers:

  1. Lockers are the property of the CUNY School of Law. In an emergency or exigent circumstance, Public Safety reserves the right to enter any locker.

  2. Lockers are secured with built-in combination locks. These locks are the only locks permitted to be used on the lockers. Lockers with pad locks are the only locking devices allowed.

  3. Use of lockers is voluntary and at your own risk.

  4. A small block of lockers reserved for Student Government is for the exclusive use of student government organizations.

  5. Perishable items are not to be stored in lockers.

  6. Defacing lockers, including markings and stickers inside or outside of lockers of any kind, is prohibited. Any markings, stickers, or taped messages will be removed and thrown out.

  7. No locker may be used, unless it is first registered with and approved by the Security Office.

  8. As a general rule, lockers must be emptied of all contents on the Friday of the week after the summer bar exam. After this time, lockers will be opened and contents removed as refuse.

  9. The School reserves the right to amend these rules as needed.

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