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7.12 Recording Device Policy

The recording of all or parts of classes may only be made with the permission of the instructor. There are no exceptions to this policy. Undisclosed or surreptitious recordings of any kind, including photos, audio, and video recordings by students without permission are not permitted on the Law School premises, or where any party is on a Law School telephone or other Law School communications device. Such conduct may be subject to disciplinary action by the Law School.

Authorized Recording

The Office of Student Affairs may request a class to be recorded by the Audio-Visual Department on behalf of a student in the following situations:

  • Disability accommodation – In order to ensure compliance with applicable laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, except those that have been designated classes in which confidential information is likely to be discussed;

  • Religious Accommodation – where a class is scheduled on a day of observance; and

  • Extended absence due to serious medical emergency or other exigent circumstance.

Limited Student Use

Students are not authorized to copy, download, or disseminate authorized recordings to others. The making or dissemination of such recordings can violate federal, state, or other laws that restrict the involuntary recording of conversations.

Faculty Requests

Professors who do not make classroom recordings generally available may wish to make such recordings available for bad weather, religious holidays, scheduling a make-up class for a time at which a number of students have previous commitments, or other reasons. The Audio-Visual Department will tape classes at the request of faculty members.

Reasonable advance notice (at least 48 hours) is required in all situations.


The absence of individual students due to illness, appointments, social events, job-related situations, etc., typically does not serve as a cause for taping.

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