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1.6 Course Changes

Students may add, drop, or substitute courses, after they have registered. During the fall and spring semesters, the last day to add a course is the 7th day of classes. The end of the drop period is the 21st day of the semester. (For financial aid purposes, as of the 8th day of the fall and spring semesters up until the 21st day, when you drop a course, a grade of “WD” will be displayed by the course in the CUNYfirst Student Center. Neither the dropped course nor the WD grade will appear on your transcript.) Clinical courses may only be changed with the written permission of the Clinic Director or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

According to University regulations, students are required to pay a fee of $18.00 each time they change their program on or after the first day of classes (except for those students only dropping courses or as a result of Law School-initiated changes). The $18.00 charge covers one or more changes effectuated at the same time.

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