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10.10 Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is responsible for managing all aspects of computing, telecommunications, and audio/visual services at CUNY School of Law. The Department maintains, upgrades, and repairs hardware as well as software for over 300 networked computers in the Law School. The Help Desk – which is the contact point for Technical Support ( and Audio-Visual ( services is open Monday through Thursday 8:45 am to 9:30 pm and Friday 8:45 am to 5:30 pm. IT Help Desk is located in Room 3- 205 and they can also be reached via phone at (718)340-4456.


There are eight computers available for student use in room 3-207 and two in cubicles 4-215 A/B. There are also two computers on the first floor behind 1-102 – these computers are purposed for quick print jobs rather than use for extensive periods of time. Printing is also available in room 3-207 as well as through all PaperCut printers in the building. MS Office, email and the Internet are accessible through these computers. Email accounts will be emailed to the student’s personal account prior to Pre-law week. During Pre-law Orientation for incoming first-year students, visit the Help Desk with your laptop to get your laptop on our wireless network and for having PaperCut installed. IT will also make available information regarding the CUNY Portal and student labs and printers via web pages on the CUNY School of Law website. Installation of and training for laptop exam software will be scheduled before midterms begin.


The School of Law uses PaperCut software. PaperCut encourages the responsible use of paper and printers, which helps maintain an environmentally sustainable school and is in keeping with the spirit of the School’s LEED Gold certification. Furthermore, PaperCut enhances confidentiality by optionally printing documents only after a user’s ID card is swiped at a printer. PaperCut works with both Mac OS X and Windows, and is available on the School’s

student-use computers, as well as for installation on student-owned laptops. Rates for printing and copying are posted near student-accessible printers.

Note: ChromeBooks and Tablets are not supported for exam-taking and printing.

Audio/Visual Services

The Information Technology Department maintains the building’s sound system, as well as the SMART Board Technologies throughout the building. The Department also distributes audio/visual equipment for institutional use inside the building. Camera operators are not provided. To report problems, call the audio/visual phone number at extension 84456 (from outside the building call (718) 340-4456). The Information Technology Department is responsible for delivering and retrieving all audio-visual equipment at the Law School. This includes television monitors, video cameras, portable projectors, laptops, and PA systems.

Student Organization Requests

All student organization requests for equipment must be made through the Office of Student Affairs. If approved, that office will forward the request to Technical Support. The delivery and retrieval of equipment must take place during normal business hours. Events scheduled outside of normal business hours must be made with at least two weeks notice. Students may not complete equipment loan agreements. When using Law School equipment, students may not charge admission or otherwise violate applicable copyright laws. Any changes to equipment needs must be emailed directly to Any changes to rooms, times, or dates, must be sent to both the Office of Student Affairs and


Internal-use telephones are located throughout the building. If there is a problem with an internal-use telephone, please report it to technical support by calling extension 84456, or via email at

The City University of New York Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources

CUNY File Sharing and Copyright Infringement Policy

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