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10.6 Financial Aid

This section provides all students with a brief source of the common financial aid policies. If you have any questions after reading all documentation, correspondence, and information regarding the financial aid process, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 718-340-4284 or

The Office of Financial Aid, in addition to administering various federal and state financial aid programs, offers an extensive network of services to assist students in meeting the costs related to their education. Individual financial counseling, assistance with the completion of the financial aid application, debt management counseling, scholarship posting, and information about on-campus and off-campus job opportunities are offered to students, as part of a comprehensive approach to assisting students in financing their law school education.

Although the basic responsibilities for financing law school rest with you and your family, the Office of Financial Aid utilizes the maximum available federal and state aid resources to assemble a financial aid package, consisting of grants, loans, scholarships, and student employment opportunities for eligible students, so that the burden on the students and their families will be minimized.

All financial aid at the CUNY School of Law is administered without discrimination as to age, sex, race, creed, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital status, or veteran’s status. An applicant may be excluded from all programs, if in default in the repayment of a previous student loan. Federal and state laws, regulations, guidelines, and policies governing the administration of these programs are strictly followed.

Information in this Handbook, although currently accurate, is subject to change, as revisions in federal and state regulations occur, and new legislation is passed. Students are strongly encouraged to use this information, in conjunction with individual communication with the Office of Financial Aid, to be assured of all program requirements and updates.

Your Rights

As a financial aid applicant, you have a RIGHT to…

  •  Know what financial aid assistance is available at CUNY School of Law, including information on all federal, state, and institutional aid programs.

  • Know the application submission deadlines.

  • Know the cost of attending CUNY School of Law for determination of financial aid eligibility. Know how CUNY School of Law calculates your financial need.

  • Know what resources are considered in your need calculation.

  • Know how much of your financial need, as determined by CUNY School of Law, has been met.

  • Request an explanation from the Office of Financial Aid of various types of aid in your award package. If dissatisfied with your award, you may request a review by contacting the Office of Financial Aid.

  • Know what portion of your financial aid must be repaid and what portion is grant aid. If the aid is a loan, you have the right to know what the interest rate is, the total amount that must be repaid, the repayment procedures, the length of time allotted to repay the loan, and when repayment is to begin.

  • Accept all, some, or none of the loan funds offered.

  • Receive a copy of your promissory note, which outlines the terms and conditions of your loan. You will receive it before or after the loan is certified.

  • Before you begin to repay your loan, your lender is required to give you a repayment schedule and detailed information with respect to the interest rate, fees, the balance you owe, and your repayment options.

  • To defer payments for certain defined periods or to request forbearance, if qualified. To repay under a graduated or income-based repayment plan, if you are eligible.

  • Prepay your loan, in whole or in part, at any time without penalty.

As a student, you have the responsibility to…

  • Review and consider all information about CUNY School of Law before you enroll.

  • Complete all financial aid application forms accurately and submit them on time. Errors can result in long delays in the receipt of financial aid. Intentional reporting of incorrect information on any financial aid application forms is a violation of law and considered a criminal offense, subject to penalties under the U.S. Criminal Code.

  • Provide all requested documentation and verification items. You may prepay your loan, in whole or in part, at any time without penalty.

  • Report any additional resources (e.g., external scholarships, assistance from Vocational Rehabilitation, Veterans Affairs, etc.) received during the award year.

  • Read, understand, and accept responsibility for all forms and agreements requiring your signature and keep copies of them.

  • If a first-time borrower, complete entrance counseling before funds can be disbursed. To report changes of your name, address, and changes in dependency status.

  • The Law School reserves the right to make adjustments in financial aid packages, due to any changes in enrollment, residency, income discrepancy or financial circumstances.

  • If you do not meet the requirements for financial aid that has been awarded, you will be required to repay financial aid funds that you have received.

  • If you withdraw from the Law School before the end of an academic term, you may be required to return a portion of your financial aid.

  • Renewal of your financial aid package also depends on your making satisfactory academic progress toward your degree, such as earning a minimum number of credits each semester and achieving a minimum GPA of 2.5.

  • Notify the Law School if you want to borrow less than the amount that has been awarded.

  • Repay your loans on time and in full, even if you do not finish your education, get a job, or feel satisfied with the education you received.

  • Notify your loan holder or servicer immediately of any change to your name, address, telephone number, or social security number.

  • Make scheduled monthly payments, even if you do not receive a bill or coupon booklet.

  • Students who cease enrollment before graduation must notify the Office of Financial Aid and make arrangements to complete the exit interview session.

  • Open and/or read all mail sent by the Office of Financial Aid to your home, student mailbox, and/or electronic mail.

  • Open, read, and understand all correspondence sent to you by the lender, servicer, guarantor, or any agency that is a partner of the financial aid process.

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