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7.2 Alcohol Policy At CUNY School of Law

The Law School permits the consumption of alcohol under the following rules and in accordance with New York State and City laws and regulations and University policies. This policy pertains to faculty, staff, and students. The term “Law School,” when used to identify a location, includes the Law School building and the surrounding grounds.

a. The Law School requires that a New York State Liquor Authority Temporary Beer and Wine Permit (TBWP) be obtained when alcohol is served at any event. Please note: New York State Liquor Authority requires 21 business days’ notification for application processing. (More information is available at

b. When alcohol is served, other food and non-alcoholic beverages, such as water, juice, or soft drinks, must be served in equal or greater proportions. Highly caffeinated energy drinks are not a suitable alternative and will not count towards the proportion of non-alcoholic beverages that must be served. Under Section 64-a of the Alcoholic Beverage Control law, pretzels, potato chips, and similar snack products do not meet the minimum requirement for food. Acceptable foods include “salads, soups, sandwiches, and finger foods.”

c. Alcohol may only be served or consumed during events that are sponsored by a faculty/administrator/staff member or by a registered student organization. Only one student-organized event serving alcohol may be held at the Law School on the same day.

d. All student events or gatherings where alcoholic beverages will be consumed must be registered at the Office of Student Affairs. The registration and/or reservation of facilities must be made at least twenty-one (21) business days prior to the event.

e. Alcohol may only be served or consumed on weekdays from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

f. Alcohol may only be served or consumed in the following designated areas of the Law School: faculty lounge, staff lounge, and rooms approved, in advance, by the Dean of Students.

g. Only beer and wine may be served at the Law School. Mixed drinks are not permitted.

h. Beer and wine must always be dispensed from original retail or wholesale containers.

i. Only funds collected by or allocated to a registered student organization can be used to purchase alcohol for student events. The informal collection of money for alcoholic beverages that will be consumed in the Law School is prohibited.

j. Advertisement for events may not promote the abuse of alcohol.

k. Drinking contests or games are prohibited at the Law School.

l. Alcohol may be stored at the Law School only with the written permission of the Office of Student Affairs. If the permission is granted, the location will be determined by the Office of Student Affairs.

m. The Law School reserves the right, at any time, to limit the amount of alcohol purchased and/or served at any event.

n. The Law School reserves the right to prevent individuals who appear intoxicated from entering or leaving the Law School, including exiting from the building to a parking lot or garage.

o. Violation of any portion of the alcohol policy may lead to the suspension of privileges to use Law School facilities for the sponsoring student organization(s) and/or the individual student organizers of the event in question. Violators are also subject to disciplinary action by appropriate Law School and/or University officials and may also be referred to civil authorities. (According to Section 130 of the Alcohol Beverage Control Law, violations of NYS Alcohol Beverage Control Laws are unclassified misdemeanors and subject to criminal proceedings.)

p. Exceptions to this policy may only be made by the Dean or her/his designee.

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