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6.12 Snow Emergency Plan

The purpose of the plan is to inform the Law School community about the status of operations during or following a snowstorm. The plan consists of two parts. The first and primary part of the plan uses the Law School telephone message system. The second part of the plan consists of giving a local radio station the School’s closing information for broadcast. Each part of the plan is outlined below.

  1. Telephone Call-In: In the event of a serious snowstorm, the Law School may be closed. An example of a serious snowstorm is one that has caused the closing of New York City Public Schools. In the event of a serious snowstorm, an alert message will be placed on the automatic answering system that can be accessed by dialing 718-340-4399. If there is no message on the telephone system, assume the School is open.

  2. Radio Announcement: The Law School will announce its closing on radio station WCBS (880 AM, 101.1 FM).

The City University Central Administration will have snow-closing information regarding all of the CUNY colleges, including the Law School, on:


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