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1.20  Medical Withdrawal Policy Effective Spring 2019

At CUNY, there are two types of medical withdrawal cases. They include both (i) student-initiated requests for a medical withdrawal and (ii) school-initiated voluntary or involuntary medical withdrawals in cases of threatening or disruptive student behavior connected to a mental health or other medical issue.

In the case of a student-initiated medical withdrawal request, a student’s request may be submitted any time during a term, including the final exam period. In such cases the school’s review process will determine the tuition refund, if any. For a student-initiated medical request to be effectuated, the student must submit a withdrawal request form to the Office of Registration (Room 4/109) indicating that the withdrawal is a medical one. In addition, the student must provide medical documentation to the Office of Student Affairs (Room 5/117) which is the office responsible for determining whether a student is eligible for a medical withdrawal. If a student is unable to submit the request for medical withdrawal in person, the form(s) and medical documentation may be submitted by another party with written authorization by the student.

If a student is planning to return to school, a leave of absence form must also be submitted.

A school-initiated medical withdrawal, is processed through the office of the school’s Chief Student Affairs Officer, who is responsible for informing the Registration Office of the withdrawal. In most cases, a withdrawal grade will appear on a student’s transcript, but in limited situations as defined in the Medical Withdrawal Policy and in the discretion of the Chief Student Affairs Officer, notations of incomplete for classes taken during the semester in which the withdrawal occurs may appear on a student’s transcript.

In the case of a student-initiated request for medical withdrawal, the withdrawal date in the student system ordinarily is the date on which the student notifies the school of the student’s intent to withdraw. In the case of a school-initiated medical withdrawal, the withdrawal date in the system is either the date that the student signs a voluntary withdrawal agreement or the date that a Health Review Panel orders involuntary medical withdrawal, whichever is applicable. For both types of medical withdrawals, appropriate school officials may consider if any refund of tuition is warranted and if a retroactive date for withdrawal is appropriate; these requests will not be granted routinely and are subject to further review.

Tuition Refunds for Approved Medical Withdrawals

During the Program Adjustment Period of the Semester

If a medical withdrawal is approved during the program adjustment period (first three weeks) of the fall or spring semester, the tuition liability and refund policy follows the schedule established by the University that is stated below. Student fees are not refundable:

Tuition Refunds

After the Program Adjustment Period Has Ended Throughout the Last Day of Finals*

After the Program Adjustment Period Has Ended Throughout the Last Day of Finals*
*the refund schedule will be made available specific to each fall or spring term.

During the Summer Session

The summer session is condensed; thus, the program adjustment period and the tuition refund period is condensed. A tuition schedule will be available specific to each summer session.

Unofficial Withdrawal

Lack of course attendance or notification to the professor does not constitute an official withdrawal. Failure to comply with the official withdrawal policy will result in a grade of “WN” or a grade of “WU” in each course for which a student did not officially withdraw.

A grade of “WN” (Withdrew, Never Attended) is assigned to a student who never attended a course and did not officially withdraw.

A grade of “WU” (Unofficial Withdrawal) is assigned to a student who attended a minimum of one class, stopped attending, but did not officially withdraw. A grade of “WU” is equivalent to an “F” grade.

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